Town Notices

Town of Digby Mourns the Passing of Deputy Mayor Jean Brittain

A difficult day in Digby as fellow councillors, staff, and the entire community reflect on the life and contributions of a caring and empathetic individual.

The Town of Digby is deeply saddened as we mourn the passing of Deputy Mayor Jean Brittain on Saturday April 11, 2020. Jean fought a courageous and inspiring battle with cancer beginning in October of 2016 and today we are reflecting on her life and dedicated service to her community.
Jean was first elected to Town Council in a June 1996 By-election and served as town Councillor until November 2000 when she took a brief break from municipal politics and was elected to Town Council in November 2004 and served until her passing totaling over 20 years of service.
During her career as a Councillor Jean served as Deputy Mayor for 8 years, and many years as Chair of Digby Area Recreation Commission (DARC).
“Jean brought a level of thoughtfulness and wisdom to council and other meetings she attended. Jean was not afraid to ask the questions that needed to be asked, making a decision whether it was popular or not and defend it,” Mayor Cleveland shared. “She didn’t get caught up in the emotion of situations. She could see an approach taken by different people and respected them for that and made her own decision. She was a very independent thinker.”
Our sincerest condolences go out at this time to Terry and Jean’s entire family. Thank you to Jean’s family for giving her the freedom and time to serve her community. Jean will be missed and you should be proud of her accomplishments.