Election 2020

municipal elections october 17 2020

Municipal Elections 2020

The next municipal election in Nova Scotia will take place on Saturday October 17, 2020. At that time we will be electing a Mayor and 4 (four) Councillors at large

2020 eVote Common Questions (638 KB)

Municipal Candidates

Candidate Guide to Elections Candidate's Guide to Mun CSAP SB Elections 2020 06 08 (356 KB)

Candidates Procedures and Forms Alternative Voting October 17, 2020 (803 KB)

To be a candidate in the municipal election, you must be:

  • be a Canadian citizen of the full age of 18 years at the time of nomination
  • be ordinarily resident in the Town of Digby for a period of 6 months preceding nomination day, and continue to so reside
  • obtain a certificate respecting taxes in prescribed form with the information showing that as of nomination day, the candidate has paid in full are charges that are liens on the candidate's property, and the taxes that are due to the Town of Digby have been paid.
  • not be disqualifed under the Municipal Election Act.

Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities have complied a series of resources to guide candidates and answer any questions you many have about running in municipal elections. To access the resources please visit: https://www.nsfm.ca/election-2020-info.html

In light of the restrictions posed by COVID-19 NSFM have done a great youtube video on how to Campaign with Social Media


Campaign School for candidates  https://yourdecision.ca/


Key Dates

March 7, 2020            Residency required to qualify as candidate in election

August 27, 28, 31 and September 1, 2, 3, and 4 Nomination can be done by appointment contact the Returning officer for an appointment

September 8, 2020      Official Nomination Day (no appointment required)

September 9, 2020      Last day for candidate to withdrawl

Advance polling begins at 9:00 AM October 8, 2020

Eligible Voters

Who can vote in the Municipal Election?

You qualify to vote if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • be 18 years or older and a Canadian citizen on the first advance polling day
  • is a Canadian citizen on the first advance polling day
  • have been an ordinary resident in the Province of Nova Scotia for a period of 6 (six) months immediately preceding the first advance polling day and
  • is ordinarily resident in the Town of Digby before the first advance polling day.

Persons not qualifed to vote are as follows:

  • the returning officer
  • an inmate in a correctional or reform centre
  • a person convicted of bribery under the Municipal Election Act in the 6 years preceding election day

Municipal Election Act Municipal Election Act (423 KB)

For more information contact the Returning Officer Leslie Brinton or Assistant Returning Officer Joy Robbins at 902-245-4769 or email